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Welcome to the New Brunswick Institute of Agrologists !

Just as doctors, engineers and lawyers, agrologists are also professionals who must belong to a professional organization to practice their profession. In New Brunswick, the New Brunswick Institute of Agrologists, founded in 1960, regulates the profession of agrologist.

The "New Brunswick Institute of Agrologists Act" is to regulate the practice of the profession of agrologist and its members in accordance with the Act and the by-laws to serve and protect members and the public interest. No person shall practice agrology in New Brunswick unless registered to practice. Only a person who is registered as a member of the Institute may use the title '' Professional Agrologist '' or the abbreviation '' P.Ag. '' in English, or use the tilte '' agronome '' or the abbreviation '' agr '' in French.

Agrology has wide-ranging areas of practice. This science is based on an in-depth knowledge of agriculture and agri-food industry, environment and economy. Agrology is a career like no other, come to live your passion with our organization!